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Checklist before leaving your country

Checklist of what you figure out before leaving your country


Administrative & Identity

Passport with visa

Copies of each document in your visa application

Livret de famille, if applicable

Original birth certificate with Apostille

Name change documents, if your last name is not your birth last name



Vaccination records

Copies of any important medical records

Prescriptions for any medications you take, and information

on the drug’s formula so you can easily find its French


Refill any prescriptions for 2-3 months

Stock up on your favorite over-the-counter medications and vitamins (Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Excedrin,neosporin, isopropyl alcohol, benadryl, children’s tylenol, cold and flu medicine, cough drops, to name a few.)


Driving license

Driver’s license, with AAA “international” driver’s license if possible

Driving record from your state, showing your driver’s license date of issue

Try to ensure you have a driver’s license that can be exchanged for a French license



Inform your bank that you will be traveling overseas so

they don’t flag your account for fraud when you use your card

or log into online banking


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