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Common mistakes that will lead to a Visa refusal

Around 3.8 million requests for French visas are process by French embassies and consulates worldwide every year.

Around 300,000 visas of all types are issued.

To determine who get a VISA and who can't get one, the French consulates base his decision on several factors: your income, your credentials, what your stated purpose is in requesting the visa, and how likely they think you are to violate the terms of your visa by doing something you’re not supposed to do.

One thing to keep in mind: if you think that France is a place where having lots of different simultaneous projects and stepping outside the box is appreciated. It is not, you are making a mistake.

If they don’t understand what it is you want to do when they are reviewing or giving you a visa, your chances of getting that visa are not good.

Comments we usually hear about French Visa:

« I thought getting my Visa was going to be very fast by now with VFS, it took a month and half !” June from New York USA

“My list provided on the website of the consulate was not complete and they refused my Visa. I should have follow the complete list of Feel Parisien” Lisa, Algeria

“In China, they ask a lot of documentation like Working certificate of the father and mother. I thought as my parents didn’t work I didn’t need this documentation. Actually you do! My parents had to write a letter declaring they didn’t work. Thanks to feel parisien I finally got my visa!” Alina, China

A few mistakes that will get you a visa refusal

Not having all your documents with you and in order

Bring ALL of your documents, and even the ones you don’t think you need. Having more documents that needed is better than not having them and having to send something in or book a new appointment. Your proof of accommodation and your proof of ressources are the two most important documents in your application!

Speaking of proof of accommodation....

Not having enough money or a high enough salary

If you do not have enough personal cash resources to meet the minimum requirements for your visa you will not get the visa. Always make sure that you have at least the minimum cash requirement for your visa type. Moreover, always make sure you can show at least 3 bank statements with those amounts.

Our advice

The best way to avoid a refusal at the visa center is to upload your documents in advance on the feel parisien platform, so we can check them.

You can relieve your stress and anxiety, we are in charge!

Written by Inès Rakotovao

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