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Terms of Use & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

As of : 01/03/2018

Please read carefully these terms and conditions (hereinafter the “ T&Cs ”). The purpose of these T&Cs is to determine the conditions under which the Students have access to the online Platform and benefit from the Services provided by the Company.

For the avoidance of any doubt, it is to be noted that the Company provides its Services independently and is not linked to any third parties that the Company would recommend along with the Services provided on the Platform.

In this regards, it does not exist any subordination link between the Company and any third company providing Services for which the Company helps the Students.

1. Definitions

“ Company ” designates the company FEEL PARISIEN, a French limited company with a capital of 29 400 euros whose registered office is at 16, rue Dugommier 75012 Paris registered under No. 823 680 004 at Paris Trade Registry.

“ Student(s)” mean(s) the individuals who uses and access the Platform in order to benefit from the Services.

“ Party ” designates indifferently the Company or the Students.

“ Platform ” designates the online interface provided to the Students after the have communicated with a login and a password by the Company on which they can benefit from the Services offered by the Company.

“ Profile ” designates all the information provided by the Students to the Company.

“ Services ” designate all the Services rendered and provided by the Company to the Students.

“ Site ” designates the website of the Company accessible from the URL from which the Platform is accessible. The terms above shall have the same meaning in the plural.

2. Acceptance and modification of the T&Cs

The use and access of the Platform is subject to the express acceptance of the T&Cs.

The Company may at any time and at its discretion modify the T&Cs. Any modification of the T&Cs will apply immediately after being published online on the Platform. In case of refusal of the T&Cs as modified, the Students will have to stop using the Platform and the Services provided on it.

On the contrary, the use of Services offered by the Platform will be deemed as an acceptance of the T&Cs as modified.

3. Access to the Platform

The access to the Services available and offered on the Platform requires the communication of a login and a password.

This password and this login are provided by the Company to the Students who ask them via the Site and/or any other means offered by the Site in consideration of the payment of a price defined by the Company to provide the Services.

4. Creation of an account on the Platform

The provision of a login and a password allow the Students to benefit from an account on the Platform from which they can access all the Services offered by the Company.

In order to allow the Company to provide such Services, the Students undertake to provide all details and information required and inter alia : name, first name and any other information that would be required by the Platform at the time of the subscription. This will stand for their Profile.

Through the creation of an account on the Platform, the Students consent and give authorization to the Company to communicate and transfer to any other companies their data for the purpose of providing the Services.

5. Services

The Company offers many Services to the Students in order to ease their arrival in Paris for their studies.

In this respect, the Company offers, without being complete or limited, to help the Students in their apartment renting, their administrative task, and their subscription to public transportation services.

The complete list of the Services offered by the Company is available on the Platform and may be modified at any time, which is accepted by the Students.

In addition, the Services are offered in the conditions decided by the Company especially concerning the schedule of the performance of the Services. The Students are not entitled to require a modification of the Services provided by the Company.

In addition, the Students are fully responsible of the Services they ordered from the Company.

In this respect, the Students acknowledge and accept that they are liable of all consequences arising from the situations described below:

  • Cancellation of housing services after receiving your attestation of accommodation or the contract;
  • Cancellation of the bank account opening form after receiving an IBAN;

In the event of cancellation in the two first situations above, it is agreed by and between the Parties that these terms and conditions will be terminated and no longer applicable.

  • Cancellation of a request for a SIM, cellphone plans and/or housing insurance less that two (2) weeks prior to the arrival date given by the Student;

In this regards, it is agreed that the Student undertakes to pay these services from his/her date of arrival in France and until the date of termination of these services addressed to the concerned companies or the Company.

  • Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to a planned meeting or no show to two (2) planned meeting organized with the Company.

In this respect, the Company reserves the rights to charge the third meeting following the two cancelled or no show meetings 30 euros.

Finally, in case of cancellation of any service whatsoever, the fees paid to the Company will not be reimbursed.

6. Price

The access to the Platform in order to benefit from the Services offered by the Company is subject to the payment of the price as it has been decided by the Company and as it is on the Site at the time of the access request to the Platform.

The access to the Platform and communication of a login and a password is made in consideration of the payment of the price and its reception by the Company.

No reimbursement is made by the Company except in the event of the Student has properly filed the visa application form but the visa is refused by the competent authorities for other grounds. In the case, the Company will reimburse the Student on the basis of 50% of the amount due.

7. Access and availability of the Platform

The Company provides the Students with the Platform in good working conditions.

The access to the Platform is open 24/7 with the exception of possible technical problems and maintenance operations on the Platform.

The Students are perfectly aware that the access to the Platform may be suspended at any time for maintenance purposes without notice and without compensation for the Student.

8. Exclusion and limitation of liability

The Company shall be liable only in case of breach in the T&Cs.

The Company provides the Platform as is.

The Company shall not be liable for any technical problems such as a lack of availability.

The Company is only subject to a best-effort obligation in this respect.

When applicable, the Company shall be held liable for any damages, harm direct or indirect including any loss of profits, margin, customers and/or any other type of loss.

The Company shall not be held liable of any technical problems of any type whatsoever related to the Students’ hardware as well as their Internet connection when accessing the Platform.

The Company shall not be held liable for any technical problems caused by force majeure as it is defined by the applicable case law.

The Company shall not be held liable for the Services provided by any other companies or their Services and that the Company would have recommended. Thus, the Company shall not be held liable for damages and harm caused by such other companies.

9. Intellectual property

The Company is the sole owner of all the intellectual property rights relating to the Platform, including copyright on the global architecture of the Platform as well as all the documents provided by the Platform.

In particular, the Company owns all the intellectual property rights on the Platform, its structure, its content in any form whatsoever (text, images, videos inter alia ) as well as on the name FEEL PARISIEN.

The T&Cs shall not be interpreted as creating an assignment of rights.

The Students undertake to not disclose, copy, reproduce the documents available on the Platform. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to take any and all measures against the Students.

10. Privacy

By accessing the Platform, the Students agree and accept that their personal data are communicated to the Company for the purposes of execution of the T&Cs as well as the provision of the Services offered by the Company.

The Company is very attentive to the enforcement of the Students’ privacy.

In this respect, the Company undertakes to comply with the French Act on Privacy No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978.

The Company a filed a regular declaration with the CNIL under No. 2062850 dated 11 May 2017.

Thus, in application of the provisions of the French Act on Privacy, the Students are entitled to :

  • Oppose to any data processing regarding them ;
  • Oppose to the transfer of their data to third parties ;
  • To access all the information regarding them;
  • To modify and/or delete their personal data.

The data that is thus kept in accordance with the applicable legislation is kept by the Company for the duration that shall not be longer than the duration necessary for the purpose of the processing.

11. Duration and termination

Each Party may terminate the T&Cs at any time by unsubscribing from the Platform.

If the Company is informed that a Student does not comply with the T&Cs and/or any legal provision when accessing the Platform, the Company reserves the right to suspend the access of this Student to the Platform.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Company will also be entitled to terminate immediately the T&Cs in case of a breach by a Student.

In any case, the T&Cs may be terminated, without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by the Company and without giving the right for a Student to claim for the reimbursement or compensation for the harm suffered by him or any third party.

In addition, it is noted that the Services provided in a customized are provided once. For example, as regards the Services for apartment renting, the Company helps the Students for only one apartment.

12. Retraction

The Students agree and accept that the Services provided by the Company are customized Services that are provided as soon as the price is paid to access the Platform.

Therefore, the Students waive any right to retract.

13. Confidentiality

Each party shall keep strictly confidential all confidential information identified as confidential and received or made available by a Party and shall not, without the disclosing Party’s prior written consent, disclose the other Party’s confidential information except as set forth herein.

14. Miscellaneous

The present T&Cs constitute the entirety of the agreements between the Parties and supersede any other written or oral agreement concerning the subject matter hereof and which would have occurred prior to the date of acceptance of the T&Cs.

Each provision of the T&Cs is severable from all other provisions, and if one or more of the provisions of the T&Cs is or shall become invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

15. Governing Law

The T&Cs are governed by the French Law.

In case of difficulty in the interpretation, execution or termination of the T&Cs, the Parties will make their best efforts to solve the matter amicably. Any dispute shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Paris or, failing that, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Terms of Use

As of : 18/06/2018

ARTICLE 1: Purpose

These terms of use (“ ToU ”) govern the condition under which the website accessible from the URL address (the “ Site” ) and its use by the user (the “ User ”).

The ToU must be accepted by any User who wishes to access the Site. They are the agreement between the Site and the User. The access to the Site by the User means the acceptance of these ToU.

ARTICLE 2: Legal information

The Site is edited by the company FEEL PARISIEN SARL registered with the Trade Registry of Paris under No. 823 680 004 with a capital of 29 400 € and a registered office located at 16, rue Dugommier 75012 Paris .

The editor is Ms. Perle Ceccomori.

The Site is hosted by the company COMELEON SAS registered with the Trade Registry of Paris under No. 524 056 777 with a capital of 1000 € and a registered office located 3, rue le Chatelier 75017 Paris.

ARTICLE 3: Access to the Site

The Site is accessible a free basis at any place and any time to any User with an access to Internet. All the fees to access the Site (hardware, software, Internet access) are to be paid by the User only.

The Site makes its best efforts to provide a top-quality service.

Any event related to a force majeure event that has for consequence a technical problem of the network or the server shall not the liability of the Site.

The access to the Site may be subject to an interruption, suspension, modification without notice for maintenance or any other operations. The User agrees and accepts that no indemnification or compensation will be due.

ARTICLE 4: Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, signs and any other elements belong to the Site and shall not be reproduced by any User.

The User undertakes not to reproduce the Site and its elements.

ARTICLE 5: Privacy

The Site warrants to the personal data of the User are collected and processed in accordance with the French Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978.

Feel Parisien helps international students through their administration paperwork to settle in Paris. Feel Parisien’s Privacy Policy covers our Feel Parisien platform as well as our website and also our relations with our clients, prospects, partners, and the students who benefits from our services. We apply the same standards of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of all associated with Feel Parisien activities no matter who they are or how they are involved in our operations.

In this regards, we have undertaken to comply with the applicable legislation and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679. How do we collect personal information through our website, our platforms and our blog? We receive contact emails from our partners schools or through subscriptions of the students on our website, we then collect data on nationality, birth and any information (RIB, bank statements, passport etc) needed by the government or our services providers to help the student with VISA, CAF, Electricity, Bank, etc to establish in France.

On our website, we use cookies as well as other techniques such as web tags to keep track of your user experience on our website, our platforms and our blog.

Why do we collect all of these informations?

The information and data we collect allows us to perform our contractual obligations and to provide our services to the students and our clients.

In this respect, this collect of data is based on our legitimate interest to provide our services.

What do we do with your data ?

The data we collect is needed by the government or our services providers. We use your data to perform our obligations and provide our services.

This information is not sold to any third party unless the student or the client has accepted it.

How long do we keep your personal information?

Once the student has benefited from all the services he was entitled to through our services, we delete his/her data after 12 months unless he chose to remain under Feel Parisien supervision.

Indeed, a lot of students choose that Feel Parisien keep their documents on their platform in case they have a problem while the remaining time of their stay. Usually that permission has been given orally in face-to-face meetings. Going forward, we will ask that you give us your permission in writing either through our platform or through email.

What security do we establish regarding your data?

All the documents are stored on our platform until all the necessary paperwork for the student has been filed with the proper administration or services provider.

Access to those files is restricted to only two persons working at Feel Parisien as well as the developers of the platform. We do not share personal information in any of publications without the concerned individual’s consent.

According to RGPD, our company commits to take any useful precaution, regarding the data and the risks associated by processing these data, to ensure security and privacy of your personal data as well as preventing them to be illegally obtained and used.

What are the rights for individuals that have given personal informations?

You can access, modify, delete or correct any mistakes or changes on your profile on the Feel Parisien platform.

You can exercise your right of opposition to the processing of your information. To do so please send an email to

If you don’t wish to receive our emails anymore, please click the unsubscribe button from the newsletter to unsubscribe from the list.

Feel Parisien can update his privacy policy and new conditions will be accessible all the time.

Article 6: Liability

The information disclosed on this website is deemed to be accurate. However, the Site cannot warrant such accuracy. The User is the sole responsible for the use of the Site and its content.

The liability of the Site shall not be engaged for any force majeure events or the unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third party.